Our life in review.

Biggest news for the week, the snow has melted!  Well, most of it – there’s one stubborn patch I found this morning, but it’ll be gone by the end of the day.collage

Sadly we had two deaths occur as well.


Dec was pretty upset over the city cutting down a diseased tree in our front yard.  Then he saw that one of the seedlings had been squashed by the tray next to it and was almost crying.  They were a part of his life and he misses them.

On Friday night one of our area reserves hosted a candlelight hike through the park. collage1

Egg Production:
Collected 17 eggs (I think production went down because the kids and I started playing in the backyard again, the hens have gotten used to us now and are back to the full 3 a day.)                                                                                                                  YTD: 41 eggs

Books I read:
American Foreign Relations: A History, Volume 2: Since 1895
I read that entire textbook this semester and now I know more about foreign policy than some presidents.  One textbook down and 259 more to finish in the next 2 weeks.

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