The chickens show their true colors.

Spring(a loose term in Wisconsin) starts.  They had discovered over the winter that the back porch is free of snow and there’s a nice little cave to hide in under it.

Chicken, "Oh hi.  Let me in so I don't have to walk back accross the snow?" Brandy the dog, "Please?"

Chicken, “Oh hi. Let me in so I don’t have to walk back accross the snow?”
Brandy the dog, “Please?”

As the days grew longer, their bravery increased.  At first it was just the orange chicken visiting, but soon enough they were all waddling up the stairs to see what there was to see.  I made the terrible mistake of feeding them that day.  Soon they were visiting/stalking every day.collage

I tried to correct my mistake by setting some treats as far away from the house as possible, but nothing doing.  They would quickly eat up and return to their posts at the  back door.  Staring with their beady little eyes while we enjoyed life in our warm, snow free house. At this point the chickens are still new enough and there’s still the hope for eggs that the kids are willing to go out and feed them.  I only venture out once or twice a week to clean out their coop.  So it’s a few days before I notice the presents the chickens having been leaving on the porch.  The same porch the dog uses to go in and out of the yard.  (That night I washed the dog and ALL my floors.)  A friend told me chickens poop up to 20 times a day.  My chickens must be exceptional chickens considering the mess they’ve made.  I cleaned off the porch and spent an unreasonable amount of time shooing chickens off the porch with my broom-which they are no longer afraid of even when I push them with it.  Suddenly an idea, just block the steps off and they won’t be able to get up because they are far too lazy to fly(their wings are not clipped.)  Brilliant!  Problem solved.

Then this happens:collage


My chickens are creepy little voyeurs who don’t lay eggs.

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